Corporate responsibility through economic, environmental and social practices

Our dedication to long­-term sustainability is reflected in all of our actions and initiatives. Since its founding, OmniActive has followed a policy of corporate responsibility by engaging and enriching the communities with which we work through economic, environmental and social practices and contributions.


Our farmers are the heart of our operation and we are committed to supporting them and their communities. OmniActive promotes education beyond farming practices and additionally hosts health clinics for the farmers and their families. This emphasis on social responsibility lets our group of farmers know that they are an integral part of the OmniActive family and play a vital role in our commitment to the quality, reliability, and sustainability of every flower we grow.

Community & Social Stewardship

We develop close community relationships with more than 10,000 farmers that supply our marigold flowers and focus on developing a strong network to build a reliable and efficient supply chain.Our agricultural field teams regularly update farmers on technological advancements, including crop compatibility, to ensure efficient use of natural resources and cropland.The result of our endeavors has been greater consistency and reliability in marigold yields, improved quality of marigold crops and greater financial return for our farmers.


We ensure consistently high ­quality lutein ingredients through a fully vertically integrated manufacturing process. Quality means developing our own seed blend and optimizing growing conditions and continues through manufacturing finished products that include powders, beadlets and oil suspensions. Vertical integration also allows OmniActive to provide a level of sustainability, transparency and traceability while remaining cost competitive in a category crowded by third party suppliers.

Environmental Focus

OmniActive's dedication to reducing its environmental footprint is evident in everything we do. Our drying process utilizes thermally efficient, state-of-the-art drying technology that collects and treats runoff water, ensuring that the land, air and environment around our extraction plants are not impacted by industrial waste. Additionally, we collect and recycle solvents used at the extraction level so they do not end up in the environment. Our agricultural and manufacturing processes ensure that the needs of our customers are met without compromising the world in which we live.

Multiple Processing Plants

OmniActive ensures a consistent and reliable supply chain through multiple locations and facilities across our entire operation. Our commitment to efficient production process with built in redundancies means greater reliability in our supply chain.

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