Better ingredients for better formulas

At OmniActive, research and development forms a critical backbone of everything we do. Our global R&D centers are leaders in product development, setting the standard for ingredient and extract excellence. They focus on developing new products and methods of delivery, isolating new plant bioactives and establishing novel analytical measures for differentiation and purity.

We currently manage our R&D processes out of two facilities

Hinjewadi Biotech Park

Our India-based centers are focused on the development of new extract products and delivery forms. Our facility in Pune, in close proximity to our manufacturing site, conducts extensive work on extraction, isolation and purification of nutritional bioactives. This facility seeks to improve existing extracts and ingredients, and develop new product offerings.

Talwar House

Our Thane R&D center houses our analytical and formulations teams. While our analytical team establishes analytical measures for ensuring the differentiation and quality of OmniActive ingredients, our formulations team develops new products and technologies that guarantee the suitability of our extracts and ingredients to a wide variety of applications and delivery forms.

The Promise of Scientific Transformation

At OmniActive, our focus is always on making the largest possible contribution to human health. We actively sponsor human clinical trials to support claims and work closely with regulatory bodies across the world for global approval of our ingredients and delivery systems that address a multitude of health benefits. OmniActive’s R&D centers currently provide extensive support to product manufacturing, supply chain, sales and marketing teams around the world.