OmniActive Health Technologies has achieved self-affirmed GRAS (Generally Regarded as Safe) status for the company’s OmniXan RR-zeaxanthin from natural paprika, confirming its safety for use in a wide range of functional foods and beverages. The process involved an intensive review of safety and toxicology data by an independent panel of highly qualified scientists.

“Food and beverage manufacturers are recognizing the growing consumer interest in products that can help them maintain healthy vision. Achieving self-affirmed GRAS status for OmniXan further supports our efforts in providing the nutritional products industry with premium, scientifically validated RR-zeaxanthin to incorporate in an even greater variety of categories,” noted Lynda Doyle, VP of Global Marketing, OmniActive. “RR-zeaxanthin is among the three principle macular carotenoids, which also includes meso zeaxanthin and lutein; they each have their own unique, distinct roles and work together collectively in maintaining healthy vision. Since our bodies cannot produce RR-zeaxanthin, it is crucial that we obtain it through our diets or supplementation.”

OmniXan contains 3R, 3’R zeaxanthin—a potent quencher of singlet oxygen and free radicals concentrated in the center of the macula, absorbing specific wavelengths of light which could damage the retina. OmniXan is made from a wholefood GRAS source—paprika—which is grown and extracted in the USA. OmniXan is derived from acarefully controlled, vertically integrated source and manufactured in cGMP facilities. OmniXan is available in vegetarian beadlets and oil suspensions.

“OmniActive has done a tremendous job of creating awareness surrounding the benefits of macular carotenoids, including RR-zeaxanthin, and highlighting the growing potential to use these ingredients in a wide-range of product applications,” said Scott Nykaza, President and CEO, Kalsec, partners of OmniActive’s in the development of

For more information on OmniXan or OmniActive’s comprehensive line of award-winning ingredient offerings which includes Lutemax 2020, Lutemax Free Lutein, Lutemax Lutein Esters, Capsimax Capsicum Extract and CurcuWIN Turmeric Extract, contact Lynda Doyle at or visit

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OmniActive Health Technologies ( offers a range of quality ingredients, which are innovative and scientifically validated for dietary supplementation, nutritional fortification, functional food/beverage, coloring, flavor enhancement and personal care applications. The company addresses complex challenges for customers in the dietary supplement, food and beverage space using technology-driven, sustainable solution with application support within a global regulatory framework. Whether looking for a new ingredient to add to a finished product, or technology to enhance an existing ingredient, find unmatched innovation at OmniActive.

Core products include carotenoids, plant extracts and specialty functional ingredients. OmniActive leverages international R&D strengths to deploy an array of state of the art manufacturing technologies in extraction,purification, isolation and delivery of nutritional actives. The company’s manufacturing operations are located at multiple sites in India and are cGMP and HACCP system compliant.

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