Sep 9, 2016

From Seed to Sale: Quality with an Eye on Sustainability and the Environment

From Seed to Sale: Quality with an Eye on Sustainability and the Environment

The quick answer to why vertical integration is important is that it provides a quality ingredient at a competitive price. But for OmniActive, vertical integration also means balancing business with our obligations to sustainability, the environment, and our agricultural partners.                                                     

Sustainability at Every Step of the Process

Sustainability starts with our GMO-free seeds, developed to increase marigold yields without increasing the farmers’ use of natural resources. Because our seeds are able to thrive in various soil conditions, we’ve been able to convert substantial amounts of nutrients-depleted soil to cropland with a total agricultural network spread across several climatic regions.

Protecting the Environment Through Manufacturing

Millions of kilograms are required to produce only a few kilograms of finished ingredients—a process that can be energy-intensive. OmniActive has taken measures to reduce our carbon footprint because protecting the environment is at the core of our business,. Our collection, dehydration, and extraction facilities are located within close proximity to each other to reduce distances, material loss, and fuel used. Our thermally efficient, state-of-the-art dehydration facilities and collection and recycling systems significantly reduce the energy needed during drying and protects the air, land, and soil surrounding our extraction plants from water runoff and solvents used during manufacturing. 

Social Stewardship: Our way of Life

The backbone of our ingredients is our farmers and supporting their operations is our goal.   Whether it’s offering educational training and awareness programs on farming methods and technologies, water conservation, and equipment maintenance – or hosting regional health camps and educational funding provides our farmers with a primary source of income and creates new opportunities for them.  

The Bigger Picture is Reflected in Every Step of the Process

Our model of vertical integration is a continual process of improvement. It’s our hope that our model serves as an example to the industry and our consumers that vertical integration is not only feasible and commercially viable but can also be a tool for environmental responsibility, sustainability, and social responsibility.  

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