Aug 10, 2016


Five easy ways to get your summer beach body

Summer is here and the beach season is upon us. Are you beach body-ready? If you’re like most the mere mention of the word “swimsuit” evokes anxiety and serves as a reminder that healthy weight management should be a lifestyle choice and not a seasonal consideration. 

 But you don’t have to keep everything covered this year as in summers’ past. Rather, put your best body forward with these five simple tips.

1. Move your body

While exercise is hardly a new approach to improving your body, it’s a critical part of the equation. And although many people think getting the body of their dreams is an all-encompassing process, the truth is that embracing a more active life doesn’t have to include spending countless hours slogging away at the gym.

According to the Mayo Clinic, incorporating just 30 minutes of brisk walking into your daily routine can help you burn an additional 150 calories a day! The faster and quicker you walk, the more weight management benefits you’ll enjoy.

One word of caution: to avoid injuries and burnout, experts recommend starting any new exercise regimen with light intensity and building from there. 

2. Load up on fiber

According to the authorities at Harvard, incorporating more fiber into your diet can have a profound benefit on your weight management efforts. High-fiber cereals, whole grains, nuts and seeds, beans, fruit and dried fruits, and veggies are all efficient ways to make sure you’re getting all of the benefits of a fiber-rich diet.

3. Drink up

While eating right gets the majority of attention, drinking right is also important. Limit your intake of beverages like soda, coffee and tea and instead stick with water. The Cleveland Clinic recommends drinking six to eight glasses of water every day to enhance feelings of fullness and avoid overeating.

4. Get more sleep

Lack of sleep doesn’t just make you tired; it may also impede your weight management efforts. According to research published in the Annals of Internal Medicine, people who sleep less lose less body fat and more lean body mass. The takeaway? As a complement to diet and exercise, getting adequate amounts of sleep is an invaluable weight management tool.

5. Put your fat to work with Capsimax Capsicum Extract

Not all foods are bad for weight management. Take capsaicinoids, for example. The active component in red chili peppers, capsaicinoids have been found to support healthy weight management by promoting lipolysis and supporting the mobilization of fats for energy production - an effect similar to exercising.

OmniActive Health Technologies’ Capsimax Capsicum Extract provides all the proven benefits of capsaicinoids without the burning sensation of unprotected capsaicinoids found in red chili peppers; thanks to our patented OmniBead technology.

Need more of a push to fit into your swimsuit? A recent abstract presented at Experimental Biology demonstrated that  only two milligrams of capsaicinoids from Capsimax Capsicum Extract  can reduce waist-to-hip ratios in as little as 6 weeks.

Even though you can't stop summer from coming, you can take simple steps to get beach body ready. Along with dietary and lifestyle choices, Capsimax is a natural, food-sourced ingredient to help you with successful weight management.

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